studio tropis architect bali coworking villa design
studio tropis architect bali coworking villa design

Co-working & Villa Umalas

A little architectural design proposal that we have been working on for the past month. The challenge is to fit a co-working space, co-living area, and 10 blocks of villa in a 30 are land.

Our idea is to add a circulation node at the reception area for both commercial & the private villas. This is to allow easy access for the both guests who want to visit the commercial area (say, cafe or coffee shop) and private villa guests. The 3m circulation road extends to the very back of the land that function as another circulation node for the vehicles.

At the front, the circulation separates the co-working area and the commercial area. We do this to differentiate the quiet space that is ideally for co-working, and the busy / noisy space that is usually present in the commercial area. We also put a swimming pool and bean bags facilities here.

On the first floor, we utilize the space for more private guests — such as people who would use a dedicated desk, and etc. The co-working area extends all the way to the commercial area with a help of a bridge. This space will also acts as outdoor seating area for the co-working space. As we get more space on this floor, we are able to put all supporting facilities, such as: pantry & kitchen area, printing station, and all shared facilities here.

On top of the co-working area, we put the co-living space. We divide it into two sections: the common bedroom area and the bunk beds area. We do so to maximize the number of capacity for the co-living space.



Umalas, Bali


Maria Stephanie