The Story Behind Studio Tropis

After roaming around Bali for almost a year without an official introduction about our small practice, we finally got the time to introduce ourself. This post will be about a little history of how Studio Tropis is made and how far we have come up until this point.

The idea of this architecture & interior design studio was started from a conversation over coffee at a small coffee shop in Canggu. We were talking about lives, and that’s when we thought about the possibilities of Daf and I working together as a team of architect & interior designer. We know each other very well, we hangout a lot, and we know how each other work. So, we were thinking ‘Why not?’.

Off we went and developed this simple idea to a real thing (very quickly), decided our names, and signed off a contract to keep us up and running this design studio. Although things might not go well all the time, thank God,  we have overcome every single thing that was and is coming our way. Fast forward to this point, we are now working on some architecture & interior design projects in Indonesia, ranging from commercial, hospitality, and residential area (and hopefully many more to come).

And, it was all capable because of the help and support of our family, friends, and colleagues. So, we would like to take this moment to express our gratitude towards those who have believed in us and this design studio, helped us through many ups and downs, and supported us wholeheartedly until we come to this moment.


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